The first big budget Sci-fi movie was Forbidden Planet released on 3/11/56. And then there is the movie Revolver that sneakily released two versions on 9/11/05. One version of Revolver cut out (US release was cut, watch the longer version) psychologists explaining the main premise of the film. To cut to the chase, the main idea in both of these movies deals with the human double, the id, the subconscious, the other, the enemy – or many other descriptive names that our minds have been given. Most of us have never considered the basic idea here, allowing the enemy to hide in the last place anyone would ever look, as was stated by Caesar. Where do thoughts come from? Are these our thoughts? Are they influenced? And, of course the obvious tell, who turned on the music in my head and why can’t I turn it off? As with most things in this world, the important and obvious things often go unnoticed. And the programming continues, as theatrical violence and never-ending wars rage on – As I think subconsciously, I wonder what is on TV tonight?

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