It is claimed that some of the best cathedrals were built in, or adjacent to, the so-called Dark Ages. And though the church claims the glory of edifices like Notre Dame, they cannot, or will not, name the architect. The best spiritual constructions were built, and based on, natural elemental knowing – which was employed to encode a spiritual path for all, in glass and stone. It was a time when the Skyclock and Nature were known to be connected within this creation, and centered on earth. It was a time when the mystery and mastery of the art of Cymatics was well in hand and naturally incorporated into well designed structures. But in our time comprehension of, and respect for our creation, has fallen low. The Skyclock is now a riddle. Elemental sciences obscured. Foundational truths described by Cymatics, a side-show on YouTube. The human mind spinning endlessly through space due to false sciences and imagined solar system models. And all this during a promised Information Age, which is nothing more than an era of censorship and deception. So, it is now that we must seek to raise our consciousness, surrounded by an onslaught that promises to drastically reduce world population. But as is true of all things, this too shall pass. What is not yet clear is the price we will all pay for having lost our connection (knowing) with this creation, which exists… because we exist.

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