Our guest returns to tell us about a new children’s book he is publishing on the Fourth of July aimed at offering ideas everyone should be aware of. The basis of our discussion is the idea that (nearly) everyone is considered legally deceased, resulting in all associated property being placed in trust. The fact that life begins at fertilization is then hidden by claiming that cutting the umbilicus of a newborn separates all new lives from origin. This is then used as a hidden pretense to administer men and women as legal fictions throughout their lives. Our guest points out that when one comprehends that fertilization is life’s origin, the administrative process becomes a moot point and that the true origin date precedes and renders useless the legal fiction and associated administration via trusts. The miraculous act of fertilization creates life at the zygote, not the birthday, on which the entire fictitious legal manipulation depends. In short, is it possible that simply comprehending your life’s origin changes everything? Also, how is it possible that most of us have forgotten 9 months (approx.) of life – or is this by design?

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