As we move away from buying and selling based on value, ownership too is in the offing. We stand witness to a planned destination based on control and illusion. Some call it the singularity, but a better description might be a world of imagination, built on counterfeit constructs that approximate our tangible creation. The possibility of the last library looms within the confines of what has also been called the Metaverse. And as we look backwards in contempt of historical accounts of book-burnings, the digitarium currently de-lists, obfuscates and deletes offending ideas and printed words… a digital bonfire of the vanities. The future is now, complete with electronic sprouts from seeds planted long ago without water or soil, in an imaginary Garden of Eden – but the apple is already consumed, its remanence, a dark core (corps). It is with momentary relief that we comprehend, this too shall pass. But what comfort for those logged into the digital dream state, where all actions are logged and permissions levied with added cost and denial? What will be said 100 years from now with regard to our separation from nature and weaponization of medical systems? It may take far longer than 100 years to repopulate following this age of code writing, medical mayhem and deception. Truth be told, the fat lady is not yet singing, but – it is no longer permissible to refer to the imaginary diva in that way. Change is the only constant and there are malefic designs on what is next, but change guarantees that all of us can shape the coming sunrise, which is our shared future.

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