The white coats are blaming the Corona-virus on Snakes today in China. It started out as Sea food markets being the cause. Then the experts started demonizing the poor bats for the illness. I wonder how many vaccines were administered there? I heard the pollution is bad too. Any chem trails over their heads dropping unknowns? Nah, it's the sea food markets, wait no the bat's, no the snakes yes. I think they're all over educated/indoctrinated. Told what to think and not using their own mind and senses. Hope people in the states don't fall for the propaganda.

I seen today we're at the "Orange level" for Air Quality due to low temperature. Not enough hot air to keep those chem-trails floating. They come down like a fog on everyone. Lets see how much the number of coronavirus/respiratory cases rise in the area due to this. Convenient timing with this Corona-virus scare.

If you watch the actors on the news there will be no mention of chem-trails in their scripts. But much about those deadly bats and snakes.

Look up, and see the deliberate chem-trail pollution yourself. You hear nothing from the News/Media about the obvious chem-trails in the sky do you. Why the hush? Maybe that's part of a UN agenda? The corrupted are pushing for a climate change, Green Swan event so everyone will scare into agreeing for a carbon tax. Could the chemtrails be trying to cause a abrupt climate change? Nah, they wouldn't make everyone sick because of that and blame it on the snakes, right?

Don't have others tell you what to think with their white coats and media propaganda.

Use your own common sense! See below the Corona around the Sun through the haze of the Chem-trails. I bet that's the "Corona" in Coronavirus.