In this episode we again cover the foundations of everything in our material world. Be it color, sound, light, matter, or any other thing in this creation, it can be attributed to vibration. Truly, all things are connected in our world… including all of us. Consider the vibrational rates of that which is created by nature, and then consider things that are synthetic. There is, in fact, a difference. Consider our medicine using the lens of vibration. Many pharmaceuticals are man-made chemicals derived from the petrochemical industry, and carry a vibration to match. Consider holistic healers using plant-based remedies, all foundationally tied to nature. There is, in fact, a difference. These observations can be applied to any facet of our world. It is my view that the importance of vibration cannot be overstated and that nature will always exist as the gold-standard in this regard, leaving synthetic things as a pale imitation of what nature shows us to be true. There is no lie in nature, and this truth should always guide our way.

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