Simple logic applied to the so-called nuclear bomb drops of WWII prove that the story we have been told is fallacy. In episode 053 we outlined this nonsense in great detail. In this episode we take a new approach using science to further demonstrate that the “nuking” of cities is simply a scare tactic, and serves to convince many minds that human beings are like animals in the way we treat each other. These mind lowering tactics are part and parcel of the modern era where fear and stagecraft have become the main tools applied in seeking world control. Ironically fear does not exist… until we create it, usually manifested through belief. Duck and cover no more, and stop believing in animated turtles with fearful messages of annihilation. You have been granted the Divine Spark of Life, Freewill, and you have been made beneficiary of this Creation. Stand in honor as we cross into the new era, because there are those in this world working day and night to ensure you never know a day without fear, based on lies, and seeking to keep you far from an honorable life. I would like to wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Higher-Minded new era, free from the manufactured mind-killer called “FEAR”.

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