In this episode we learn about dowsing. Known to be an ancient art, dowsing reaches back to antiquity, but what is it? The following sentence pulled from Engineer Raymond C. Willey’s book “Modern Dowsing”, does a good job of encapsulating a hard to describe art form. “Dowsing is the exercise of a human faculty, which allows one to obtain information in a manner beyond the scope and power of the standard human physical senses of sight, sound, touch, etc.” Dowsing is so old that it appears in the bible. There are passages that relate dowsing to Aaron and Moses, as well as to King Nebuchadnezzar. The latter reference is related to the king choosing to attack Jerusalem. Going back even further the poet Homer references dowsing and relates the tool used to the caduceus. He uses the word Rhabdomancy, which means divining rod, and as we all know the caduceus is misused around the world as a medical symbol. Homer also relates that the “rod” was passed from Apollo to Asclepius, the latter being the correct name to relate to medical ideas and methods. Suffice it to say that dowsing has been a part of culture as far as we can see. Maybe it is time we put such a sublime art form back on the front burner. After all, in this new era, rising consciousness will be the main hallmark, which fits perfectly with art forms of the mind.

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