Part of the strategy to take over the world is based on frequencies. Not only the harmful frequencies we are surrounded by, but the vibrational rates of human beings and our thoughts as well. As we enter a new era our species should be experiencing rising vibrational rates. We do see evidence of this in the amazing things people can do that they could not do years ago. Unfortunately, we are also experiencing a full-frontal attack from the powers of this world that are bent on total control as they employ a concerted barrage of low-vibrational tactics using media, information systems, entertainment, and music to influence how we perceive our own species. It is hard to hold a positive view of people when all the examples put before us are base, violent and often animalistic in nature. The band Devo from the 1980’s hit the nail on the head with their name. We have all been the targets of a de-evolution campaign stretching back more than a century. Architecture alone is proof of this assertion, although we might also take a look at so-called generation Z, the unwitting victims of just how bad intentionally low-minded education can get. If a thing exists in this world it vibrates. So too feelings, emotions, thoughts, our bodies, and anything else existing on the physical plane. Consider the vibrational rate of hate, division or violence as compared with love. This consideration should unmask the intended effect of negative world-wide media saturation, for anyone who takes the time to think about it. With all of this in mind, does it matter what frequencies are transmitted, or what tunings are employed in music? It does matter and the time is coming when we will need to assess the endless frequencies and vibrations affecting our lives. When terrible news events echo across every pocket with a smart phone, something, in fact, has been lowered on a massive scale. Or, how about an emergency alert broadcast to every device employing a fearful tone and warning? Yes, frequencies and vibration rates matter, and it is time to take notice. After all, your vibrational rate is your responsibility, and if you choose to ignore it chances are the powers of this world will not.

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