What causes the seasons? The cause, simply put, is the position and energies of the luminaries, or lights, above. This truth can be shown over and over in nature, and is easy to see in the animal and plant kingdoms. Much effort has been spent labeling and defaming the truth of the energies we receive from the luminaries and stars above. The word “astrology” has more baggage, misdirection and nonsense attached to it than is easily explained. Nonetheless, the energies from above are undeniable for a mind that simply observes nature. This truth was not lost on those who named a species of horseshoe crab Lunataspis aurora. A name like this directs our minds upwards to the Skyclock. Of course, the so-called crab comes ashore each year to replicate according to Skyclock energies. In our gardens too, the energies are on full display, as the different species and varieties in the plant kingdom bloom and bear fruit, each to their own time, as is provided for from above. Even in the microcosm we can observe that the morning sun is not the midday sun, nor are the goings on in the plant kingdom at these times, due to shifting energies. It is with these realities in mind that we currently see a resurgence in astrological interest. It was not that long ago that the words astronomy and astrology meant the same thing. Interest in the energies from above have been a specialized branch of spiritual science in every major civilization we are aware of, to include the now lost practice of orienting buildings and temples to equinoxes, solstices and other astronomical energies. This was done for a reason, and that reason is now back on the table of rediscovery as we shift into a new era. For my part, I have witnessed an unknown luminary near the sun that is about the same size and usually not visible to the naked eye – maybe due to proximity to the sun and its radiating glow. I first filmed it in 2015 with a solar telescope, but recently folks have been filming it with the naked eye, usually near sunset or when smoke or weather dims the primary sun’s glow. Currently I consider our sun as a lens. I do not know if the movie 2010 was predicting a coming reality with regard to a 2nd sun, but it certainly would not surprise me having come to realize that nearly everything I have been told about space, is simply not true. With this in mind it is no surprise that every effort has been made to make silly, and to defame, the legitimate spiritual science called astrology. The energies are real as is proven by the one place we know that is based in truth – Nature, and her kingdoms. Every herb in your garden is assigned a planetary association which communicates particular energies, and therefore uses, by an adept who has taken time to observe and comprehend the energies emanating from the lights of our world. As above… we should know.

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