There were a few voices before the Internet era that attempted to alert the world to the realities of the coming age, which we now face. Bill Cooper was one of them and now that we can look backwards at many of the events he claimed were coming, we see he was not wrong. Even now it is hard for many of us to fathom, let alone accept, the dark machinations that are shaping our world. But, in a post 2020 world anyone with any ability to see can only look back at his work and recognize a man before his time. What used to be belittled as conspiracy theory is now recognized as flat out conspiracy, and at the highest levels of control. How can anyone who has listened to our law episodes fail to recognize the systemic controls now nearing a full-frontal push for world control? The shadowy institutions of Cooper’s time are now out in the light of day in full view of those who dare to face reality. And even this makes little difference as the forces at hand are now considered too big to fail, as the change and decimation of freedoms comes fast and furious. Money and AI will be among the next big changes that throw off the vestiges of the world we used to know some ten years ago. Truly, the past is now gone, and a new way of being is now guaranteed. And even now as the promise of a new world order looms large, there is still no law (not one!) that applies to a living man or living women. So, the question at hand becomes – how long will it be before we all remember who and what we are? Because at that point in time, systems of control lose all power and the gift of the Divine Spark of Life will guide us all.

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