We are beginning to see an explosion in the use of subtle electricity, as is predicted for the age of energy. Electroculture, or harnessing atmospheric energy in your garden, is on the rise. The result of employing electroculture is often astonishing, and yet, we are just beginning to re-learn what is possible and what methods work best. For those who experiment with electroculture, there is no doubt that adding copper spirals and antennas to a garden, borders on magical. It is predicted that during the age of energy we will, once again, learn to comprehend and harness 5 subtle electric energies. It is further stated that the 5 subtle electricities are present in our senses. Likewise, a renewed interest in the Skyclock luminaries will grow for those who garden with subtle energies. As we know, Venus is associated with copper, and so on. In hour two we discuss parasites and known methods to cleanse them from the body. Once well-known herbs were widely used to flush parasites. Wormwood being a good example, and named accordingly. We also touch on the idea that parasites can influence consciousness. Is it possible that a parasite can influence you to avoid ingesting things that are bad for the parasitic life-cycle? Look up the mushroom cordyceps, which is known to hijack the will of insects in order to force actions that further the parasitic life-cycle. Infected ants become like zombies unable to control their own movement. Uninfected ants recognize the infection and carry the zombies away from the colony to avoid spreading the body-snatchers. But, in this episode, we focus primarily on a parasite called the Rope Worm, and methods used to cleanse them from the body. Parasitic infections often go unnoticed but there are easy methods one can employ to detect the unwanted intruders. In this episode we cover energetic gardening, and how to avoid becoming the “host” of a secret one-sided party in your temple. The plant kingdom is simply amazing, and at the root (pun intended) of both hour one, and hour two topics.

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