In an older time of spiritual masters there was an idea that the plant kingdom provides us with a perfect example of how we should live our lives. Here, in our synthetic era, we have become very detached from the truths held in nature, to the point where it may be difficult for us to consider what is meant in the opening line above. There was a time when the plant kingdom provided for nearly all facets of life. From medicine, to clothes, shelter, fuel, food and tools, plants played a key role. The role of plants in medicine alone, seems a million miles away from our current chemical-based medicine. Ironically, many of the pharmaceutical chemicals used today are synthetic efforts that mimic nature but seem to have forgotten the idea of actually healing the body. It is for this reason that there is resurging interest, with regard to the plant kingdom, in an era weary of synthetic living that lacks the authenticity of and truths nature. We have been taught to classify some plants as weeds, or invasive, or unwanted for one reason or another. In older ways of considering the plant kingdom it was stated that every plant has its use no matter how ugly, or noxious. In this older way of considering the plant kingdom it was held that a plant existed for every possible need or situation. In this episode we cover herbs and trees primarily but we also address chemtrails and the growing interest in vinegar as a way to restore the blue skies we used to take for granted. So much of what we used to take for granted seems to be in danger of being lost. It also appears that times ahead may be trying indeed. With this in mind, it is a very good time for everyone to get reacquainted with growing plants as a food source, and to keep in mind that even a basic herb garden can provide remedies.

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