There are many things that are on the rise right now. We will touch on 3 of them: consciousness, rising illness rates, and what may be a second sun. I first filmed what I call the second sun in 2015, though I still guess at what it might be. What is known is that our sun has a lot to do with life and consciousness in our world, and that it plays a key role in age changes. As for the other object, one can only imagine what two suns might mean for human consciousness. And yes, consciousness is on the rise for many of us. Hollywood has even taken time to fictionalize consciousness evolution in films like the X-Men and (TV) Heroes. Isn’t it interesting that the rise in consciousness coincides closely with a rise in illnesses that used to be rare. As an example, currently 1 in 38 births are beset with some form of Autism. This number used to be one in many thousands when I was young. Then there is the astounding explosion of Dementia over the past 4 decades? There are, of course, many other illnesses that have grown exponentially in recent decades. Clearly this can all be linked to food, products, medicine, chemicals, chemtrails (etc…), and the major corporations who make and sell all of these things. It is almost like someone somewhere is trying to prevent our expanding minds and abilities and control populations at the same time. Or… is it exactly like that? Whatever the truth is – based on recent and ongoing attempts to force medical procedures that are meant to modify DNA, don’t we have every right to be suspicious? Or has it become a duty to humanity to be suspicious, based on the number of deaths and injuries that no one has been allowed to question or talk about professionally, or online? Questioning the “world is sick” narrative in any way has resulted in censorship, deplatforming, job loss and many other suspicious responses from so-called authority. And yet, nary a law was passed to compel anyone to do anything by force of law – as corporations took on the role of dictators demanding and mandating that we all line up for DNA modification. The Great Winnowing is upon us, and much has been lost over the past few years, to include, quite possibly, the rule of law. Together we must stand, as the seeds of division are being sown by every media outlet, beer maker and movie studio. Together this can all be dealt with. Divided, we have already lost. And therein lies the power of red and blue, and the mind virus that carries imaginary enemies painted in primary colors – and now – combined with race and gender for added effect. Together we stand. Divided, we lose it all.

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