Social programming and engineering are currently full-steam ahead. Old tricks are being combined and invoked by mainstream media. They know that individually each of these toxic ideologies has a history of “creating” programmed “reactions”. The race card, gender card and politics have all been distilled into a single, toxic, socially engineered mind virus, creating division. In this era, we desperately need to come together for the good of all, and yet, the few (so-called elite) continue to sow division through the total monopoly of media used to broadcast fear, hatred and bigotry. For this mind virus to spread a single ingredient is required. That ingredient being a fearful self-centered state of mind. Selfishness based in materialism is nothing new. What is new is the era we are now in which is moving away from self-centered mind sets and materialism. In other words, the social engineering identified here is pushing against the wind and travelling uphill. Its days are numbered and unsustainable. None-the-less this damaging agenda will create disharmony and loss until the majority of us grow above its power and influence. In this episode we look back at occult belief systems that worship self-centered ideology. The poster-boy Aleister Crowley is a good example and his placement on one of the most successful social engineering works of our time is case and point. That work being the Beatles album “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (May 26, 1967). Behind this Tavistockian construct we find the dark self-centered ideology of which Crowley was mascot. The social engineering success of this album, and decade, continue to influence the world half a century later. One might ask – how self-centered have we become as a result of the Tavistock fueled 60s? Consider the number of “selfies” taken each day as an answer. Even so, consciousness is rising while truth firmly resides in Nature, free of synthetic and man-made ideas. Nature proves to us that we are all connected. Nature shows us that what can happen to one, can happen to many. We are also shown that synthetic systems that require too much energy will fail in the long run. This era of selfishness will see its end as will the few who seek to subjugate the many. We have all been granted rights in this realm. These include the Divine Spark of Life, freewill, and having been made beneficiaries of this Creation. In this era, we will again claim these rights and defend them. We will also move beyond socially engineered mind viruses that ignore the realities, truths and gifts we have been granted. The next socially engineered pandemic will again test whether we have grown up. It will also prove how much we value our God given rights, and each other. It will also determine if the few can temporarily enslave the many. The choice is and always has been ours, though fearful, bigoted and selfish minds will fail to comprehend this… allowing temporary slavery. Rich and poor alike.

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