This episode (492) is part 2 of Episode 491: Without the work of James Shelby Downard and Michael Hoffman the dark methodology of social engineers, dark wizards, would likely be invisible to us. None-the-less, even with their work, the manipulations and spells march on with impunity. In the text called “King Kill 33” Downard obliterates the dark veil of secrecy that has facilitated the enchanted building, manipulation and control of America. The dark machinations are laid bare for all who read and comprehend King Kill 33. Here we focus on the alchemical rite called killing the king and how it was applied to the staged assassination of JFK. This singular event announced and precipitated a reversal of fortune for America. In 1963 America took a fall from which it has never recovered. I mark 11/22/63 as the launch of a never-ending string of staged events that has manipulated culture ever since, leaving us on the precipice of permanent change. The wholesale initiation of our trusting minds has facilitated dark spells which laid the foundations for both 2001 and 2020, among many other crisis-invoking events. Thanks to Downard and Hoffman the black cat is out of the bag, for those with eyes to see. King Kill 33 has handed each of us a flashlight that we can use to deprive darkness of our creative powers. After all, darkness has no creative power of its own and relies on tricks, subterfuge, trust and dishonesty to manipulate the creative forces of others. This episode has been released to reflect the realities of the Skyclock. Jupiter (king of planets) was occulted by the moon on the 27-28th of March, 2023 depending on your location. This omen is historically taken to mean a king will be dying and another replacing him. Venus was also occulted by the moon for some locations in early March. Both of these events are also related to monetary and banking concerns. Look for a link to King Kill 33 in the top comment below. Get it, share it and save it. There may come a time when such things are not easily found.

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