The news has been claiming that the world population will reach 8 billion people shortly. Ironically, in 2019 reporting quietly began to say that birth rates have been falling since the 1970s. Currently many birth rates around the world have fallen below 2.5, and this number is known to be the lower limit of what is required to prevent population collapse, and many other social issues. This fall is not true for all countries, but it is true for most industrialized countries. Many have now fallen well below the 2.5 birth rate marker which will begin to create lopsided populations with too many old and not enough young to support them. It is also claimed that no known society has ever recovered from a birth rate decline below 2.5 children. The truth of population decline is becoming apparent, but so is the denial that it is happening. How is it that employers can no longer find people who want to be hired? This, among other indicators, is easy to detect all over America. The population is in decline. It seems to have started around the time of the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s. It was at this time women were convinced to act more like men, to gain equality, and to slowly push off starting families in their early 20s, up to their early 30s. This alone had a measurable effect, and there are so many other reasons for population decline, many of which indicate social engineering. The Women’s liberation movement is case and point. The leader of this movement can be found on YouTube admitting she was a CIA asset. It is hard to imagine how important the loss of the family unit has become, but this too can be tied to the social engineering agenda of the 1960s. Will we wake up in 5 years to find many houses in our area empty? Are the post-apocalyptic movies that have been spewing from Hollywood since the 1990s indoctrinating our minds into a planned outcome? It seems our future may depend on 20-something couples starting families and bearing at least 3-4 children. Oh, by the way, fertility is also way down, and this too is an open secret. This stark reality was dramatized in the 2006 (count the ways) movie Children of Men. Why would anyone bother to make such a dark film? There is a reason. You may notice that the effect of chemicals and pharmaceuticals was not even mentioned in this description, but they too are a huge part of the problem. From this day forward every natural birth should be seen as a gift from God… and represent the one thing left in Pandora’s Box – Hope.

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