As we head into the year 2023 the energies are changing. They are changing away from top down, crystalizing, Saturnian control. In other words, the energies are opening up possibilities for the majority of us to benefit. This is true world-wide as is demonstrated by astrology in the west, and the year of the rabbit in the east. The year of the rabbit is the most fortunate of the zodiacal signs in the east. My life-time agrees with these ideas having been born in the year of the rabbit. We can also see the mainstream programming trying to invert our perceptions of these energies, as was seen in the Super Bowl ads of the most watched event of the new year. In short, it is important to recognize the beneficial energies and take action toward positive change. Do not overlook the equinoxes and solstices. Move away from technological and autocratic controls. Take control of your life-path. And above all, treat others with respect regardless of your differences. We are all connected in this place and the energies are shifting in favor of those without tyrannical agendas. The ball is in our court. It would be a crying shame if this advantage is squandered.

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