And a new day will dawn for those who stand long… This era might be best described as synthetic and based in deception. At each turn our modern main-stream systems have veered away from the truths held in nature. How we are born and how we die have been conjured into synthetic systems that are controlled by corporations and commerce. These systems have little to no concern for what is sensible, healthy, or humane. These modern synthetic systems are designed to remove choice with an ever-growing momentum towards forcing unwanted and unnecessary medical procedures. Freewill has been targeted by digital control. Once again, we are forced to the crossroad and a decision will be made. Those who do not choose will be swept up in digital systems where human concerns have been programmed for removal. And yes, there are two roads you can go by. The roads run parallel on diverging trajectories. The new road is synthetic and seeks to remove all possibility of freewill, while ignoring the truths provided by nature. The old road is natural and holds fast to the Creation, seeking to guide us to the best possible life we can attain, while providing for what comes next. And yet on the new road there is a sign on the wall luring us with offers, even though we know sometimes words have two meanings. On the old road is a tree by a brook with a songbird who sings, saying – take care, your thoughts can be misgiven. The songbird goes on to warn that all that glitters is not gold, and that shadows are not longer than souls. Still, we wind on down the road as change and choice hang in the balance. In the short run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on. Meanwhile, there is a baby on the way and an old man drawing his last breath. Both are seeking passage. One will hear the forest echoing with laughter. The other will be lured by the piper who is calling to join him. One spirit will soon be crying for leaving. The baby is born. The choices are made. The parallel roads diverge to very different futures. The old road remains and is proven by a tree near a brook and a songbird who sings on the whispering wind. The new road schemes of a way to control the wind, and all who feel it.

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