Once you step back and observe the culture and events of the 1960s it is not hard to see the sweeping change that that decade had on the world. Nearly everything about culture and values shifted via carefully planned and executed social programming. This agenda was primarily executed through music, entertainment and television. This episode is part 2 of episode 475 and will lead into an episode that is based on the timeline that is Moon, Manson and Woodstock, in order to underscore the importance of timelines when looking at the effects of social engineering. And while the entertainment portions of influence were bought and paid for, it is the other “events” that seem to drastically change the trajectory of society swiftly. We will wrap up the current episode with those modes of influence that were bought and paid for, for the most part. And as it becomes common knowledge that the music of early rock n’ roll was created as part of an agenda, it will also become crystal clear that our favorite “stars” often had little to do with the creation of the soundtrack of our lives. At the very least this knowledge should underscore the importance of so-called indie music (and other genres) which is known to be written and performed by the musicians playing the songs and mostly free of subconscious studio trickery and social programming. Failure to do so will ensure that we remain on an engineered road where even one’s thoughts can be targeted for manipulation. The proof of this has now been unmasked in the foundation of rock n’ roll and the band that started the culture explosion – The Beatles. But that was just the beginning of the juggernaut that remains firmly on the entertainment tracks. And that train is currently headed to a town near you. Or, simply stream it if you do not get out much anymore. By the way, why is it that you do not get out much anymore? Suffice it to say that that is a programming story for another time, and until then, all the world remains a stage.

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