No one told you when to run. You missed the starting gun, and yet, here we are at the end of an era, transitioning into another. And though this is obvious on the face of it, we know next to nothing about the cycles that ensure eras exist in the first place. Much effort has been spent to dislocate modern minds from the cycles of creation, ensuring that we remain lost to the comprehension, validity and existence of cyclical reality. The power of controlling calendars and time has been known for many centuries, and in the modern era this persists in the form of civil, man-made representations of time which are considered to be linear, in order to further obscure the cyclical nature of reality. Certainly, there were older cultures who lived lives that were ordered, informed and guided by the cycles of the Skyclock. And as a result, they created many things beyond our reckoning. But this too serves to prove that humanity has been in free-fall for a painfully long time. As our textbooks work to convince us that we are the pinnacle of human achievement based on evolution (linear), the truth is that devolution is the current cyclical reality. It is evident that the control of calendars and time have facilitated our currently fallen state. At the very least the hiding of cycles and implementation of counterfeit calendars and clocks has ensured we do not know how long we have been here, how we got here, or where we are going. On the upside many minds are becoming aware of the value and truths contained in the cycles of the Skyclock and this Creation. This is resulting in an awakening. As human consciousness awakens, due to cycles and the coming era, many minds are again focused on the natural cyclical world where there is no lie. It is here where the directions reside for a life well lived, in the same way a mother is alive and guides her children. For now, we stand at the crossroads with a new era on our threshold. As the old is purified away for the new, will we choose the synthetic world created by those who seek control? Or, will we return to the Creation and the cycles that guide meaningful existence? As we realize again that the natural cycles record and guide us, the gift of Creation remains in each of us, glowing into eternity as a Divine Spark granted to us from on high. A gift, which like gold, is neither simulated, synthetic or diminishing, thereby exemplifying permanence and a proof of our destination beyond this illusion.

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