If a thing exists it vibrates – so to speak. Event things we cannot see with our eyes. Frequency and vibration are among the foundational concerns of our technical age. And while these realities seem to get very little notice, that will not be the case for much longer. From commercial communication to our mental awakening, these realities play a key role. If it is true that the textural difference between a marshmallow and concrete comes down to vibration rate, one can imagine the importance of comprehending frequency/vibration. In a roundabout way this entire episode circles around the almost imperceptible realties of vibration. And, for those who have never used their eyes to comprehend why this matters, look up “cymatic plates” on YT. To be clear, you will then witness form being created out of thin air. You will also begin to comprehend where geometry comes from, and begin to imagine the power of shapes and what can be known by color. What is in a logo, a color, a word, or a thought for that matter? In a word – vibration. In another – energy. And in closing, I think it is a safe bet that vibration will be a big deal in the new era we are entering.

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