As we have covered in the past, homeopathy and natural remedies were made public enemy #1 in the 1920s. If you live in America, you may be hard-pressed to find homeopathic services and remedies, even in some big cities. The effort of main-stream medicine to replace homeopathy was very effective. In this episode we are happy to meet a man, with a heart of gold, who is creating old-school remedies. The remedies are created using age-old processes, and mostly made from plants. Homeopathic remedies are said to have no side-effects, which cannot be said of pharmaceutical drugs. Side effects have come to define allopathic medicines in our time. Due to the work of one Senator, long ago, homeopathic remedies have been protected by legislation, and remain available over-the-counter, in perpetuity. But as we all know, those who practice homeopathy are few and far between in this country, and many remedies, these days, are sent from India or Europe when ordered from America. We present this episode with a sincere hope that homeopathy begins to return to the prominence it once held this country. Homeopathy respects, and does not over-step the tenants of nature. Equally important is that this natural method recognizes the spiritual nature of living beings and embraces the idea of Body, Soul and Spirit. The dominant allopathic method of medicine seems to only recognize body, or what can be weighed and measured – basically materialism. Many minds in our current era of change seem to be very interested in the other 2/3 of the equation – spirit and soul. If these ideas match your interests, this episode will be your cup of tea, to make a plant-based pun… with no side effects.

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