Though we are granted life at the zygote, it is at the port of entry (birth) that the legal fictions of this realm begin. Each certificate and legal document created at birth have now been tracked down by our guest to show the nonsensical nature of the legal process initiated at your first breath. The whole process is so antiquated and fictitious that those who play a role in the document creation process, do not even comprehend what they mean, and in some cases where they go. And yet the process exists and proceeds as it ever did. If it is true that comprehension is the first step to a solution, then a new era is truly dawning, but this is obvious on the face of it. What is not obvious is what drives the conversation in this episode which is all based on first-hand observation and documentation. It should also be noted that our guest Sui has been working with Kurt Kallenbach to shed light on the shadowy processes surrounding the port of entry into this realm, and the associated illusions, now well established and virtually unquestioned. At least until now – as the flashlight of comprehension and magnifying glass of reason are aimed at the mysterious birth certificate, which initiates the Rube Goldberg document process that follows. Welcome to the world! And thank you for the agreement you did not know you just made. Does this make sense, at any level, or does the comedic process crossover from comedy to tragedy? In fact, all the world is a stage and it appears as if no one has ever met the stage manager.

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