His voice has a calming effect that instills a sense of well-being but, I am aware of much more with regard to the man called Fortune de St. Germain. And while I cannot tell you his age, I can tell you his healing abilities are astounding – an alchemist extraordinaire. Our guest is well-versed in skills and arts of a bygone era to include medical, spiritual and an education we might label classical, and yet this label falls short. In this episode we pick up on member submitted questions and we are about half way through the list. There will be one more episode soon (episode 404, after episode 403.5) with Fortune as we finish off the list of questions and then delve into other topics in hour two. Fortune has made an incredible difference in my life in the short time I have known him and he remains an enigma in many ways. If I was to try to sum up our guest in one word, which is not really possible, I would offer the word “Teacher”. For my part I owe Fortune a debt that I cannot repay and it is my hope that many find value in our conversations. With that, I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and higher-minded new era.

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