Not only is it one of the four elements that create this realm, water is truly magical. We currently take it for granted, piping it into our homes through right angles or, the angles of sorrow. How easy it would be to ensure living, charged water is delivered, by simply changing the angles of delivery. Could it be that our life expectancy is also tied to the quality of our water? If so, it is no wonder that so much effort is taken to pollute our water with any number of chemicals. As Dr. Emoto showed us water has memory which proves chemicals and even human thought can be embedded in water-memory. And then there is the idea of living water – like water found in rivers and streams of untouched nature. The water we drink from the tap is akin to pasteurized milk with added chemicals, ensuring all life force has been removed. Luckily it is possible to reinvigorate water and clean it. Notice the Living Water image link under each episode that uses an implosion vortex copper pipe to do just that. I have two of them and they work. If only we could get the entire country to demand fresh, clean, living water, free of chemicals. But then again what am I thinking, that would likely increase life-spans and health, in an era of open population culling and chemical health care.

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