The world of today is much different than the world of three years ago. What changed? Of course – it was perception that changed. For the most part no mainstay laws dealing with rights have changed and yet nearly everything has changed with regard to how business and corporations treat the general population. In short, most of us have forgotten what rights are and how to defend them and have allowed corporations and their policies to run rough-shod over our rights. We are still a nation of laws, but there is a full-frontal push to brush aside this fact, and use corporate policy to enforce lawless measures. A corporate policy is not a law and therefore not enforceable by law. When corporate policy oversteps existing law, the force of law can be brought to bear on the violating corporation – or business. It is the responsibility of men and women to defend their human rights, in a responsible way, based on existing law and had this been done, the last couple of years would have been a much different situation. Truly, when push comes to shove, we will all get what we have allowed – and, “SHOVE” was implemented a long time ago. The world that is shaping up for the next generation is not a promising one, and sadly, laws exist to defend against what has been allowed to happen.

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