You will find the Sun in all religious texts because it exists as the root cause for life here and underpins what we experience. Simple logic will demonstrate the truth. What causes the seasons or night and day, and when do we sleep, and when does new life spring forth each year? The Sun will answer to all these queries. Consider the tropics which grace all world maps, demarcating the highest and lowest extent of the Sun in a year. In certain mystery schools the hierarchy of the Sun is called “Powers” – as good a name as could describe the light of this world. And yet, western religions (corporations) have spent much effort to defame the Sun in the minds of men. And map makers have intentionally failed to update the tropics from Cancer to Gemini and Capricorn to Sagittarius. These are telling tactics that can now come to an end as human consciousness fights to rise in the face of an era change driven by long-planned malintent by those who invent the future. The truth is that we should all invent the future, but to do so requires a knowing relationship and integration with the creation. And it is the Powers of this creation that the intelligence we call the Sun commands.

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