Israel Follow-up – Whistleblowers, Protests and Resignations

Two weeks ago I wrote a piece, “Are the powers-that-be preparing to cut Israel loose?”, speculating on the future of the Israel/Gaza narrative and suggesting that Israel’s days in the “good guys club” might be over soon. I just wanted to do a brief follow-up on this, adding some more interesting […]

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Timely Lessons About Tyranny from the Father of the Constitution

“Take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties.” James Madison James Madison, often referred to as the “Father of the Constitution,” once predicted that the Bill of Rights would become mere “parchment barrier,” words on paper ignored by successive generations of Americans. How right he was. […]

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1984@75 – The Lottery

The first of our short videos marking the 75th anniversary of George Orwell’s 1984... Continue reading

The parallel universe the legacy media insist we’re living in

Hey people, are you seeing this? You might have less money, more debt, massive energy bills, your chickens might be about to be culled, your car rendered unusable, your health permanently destroyed by a safe and effective “vaccine”… but look, the Princess of Wales is wearing a big hat! And a STRIPEY […]

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The Death of the Shadow

Recently my sister gave me an article written in a weekly magazine that the El Convento Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico printed back in 1963. The little magazine was titled The San Juan Diary published once a week. It was chock full of ads (more ads than print copy!) primarily advertising for […]

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Welcome to the Age of Abstraction

The UK Metereological Office has just reported that we have enjoyed the hottest May on record. Meanwhile, those of us who have lived in the UK during May have endured unseasonal cold and rain, and have complained to one another constantly about it. Welcome to the age of abstraction, when lived […]

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WATCH: The Future of Food

We all know the problems of the modern factory farming system. But, as bad as things are, they’re about to get even worse. New technologies are coming online that threaten to upend our understanding of food altogether. Technologies that could, ultimately, begin altering the human species itself. […]

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Damage is a Given

The heavy rains are rich with life in the Spring. Even when the lilacs have died and the wafting scent of lily-of-the-valley has faded. Summer will come very soon, although it seems a long Spring this time and that is something to celebrate because it freshens the air and whispers its promises. We […]

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OffG’s last word on the “lab leak” theory: Illogical, immaterial and dangerous

The “lab leak” theory is in the news again. It is essentially revealed as a mainstream position now. As we always predicted it would be. Two weeks ago the New York Times ran a long opinion piece endorsing it (we covered it in This Week). Last week economist Jeffrey Sachs endorsed it in his 2-hour […]

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What’s Next for Battlefield America? Israel’s High-Tech Military Tactics Point the Way

“I did not know Israel was capturing or recording my face. [But Israel has] been watching us for years from the sky with their drones. They have been watching us gardening and going to schools and kissing our wives. I feel like I have been watched for so long.” Mosab Abu Toha, Palestinian poet If […]

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DISCUSS: The EU Elections and the “Rise of the Far Right”

The so-called “biggest election year of all time” is progressing nicely. Among others, Russia, India, Mexico are done – while Britain, the US and Iran are yet to come. Oh, and France now too. But we’ll get to that. First, the European Union elections are over and done with, and the announced results […]

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This Week in the New Normal #92

Our successor to This Week in the Guardian, This Week in the New Normal is our weekly chart of the progress of autocracy, authoritarianism and economic restructuring around the world. 1. Rishi is throwing the election We wrote in our piece on Rishi Sunak’s national service pledge that the Tories […]

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WATCH: The Fight for Health Freedom Continues – #SolutionsWatch

After years of build-up and anticipation, the 77th World Health Assembly has come and gone. So, what did the would-be lords of global health gavel down on? And what does it mean for the future of the fight for health freedom? Join the Jameses, Corbett and Roguski, as they talk about these important […]

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AUDIO: Kit Knightly on Reality Check Radio

Join OffG editor Kit Knightly for the first of his monthly chats with Paul Brennan on Reality Check Radio’s Breakfast Show. Kit and Paul talk about the UK Election, predictions for “the next Pandemic” and much more. Reality Check Radio is an independent radio station based in New Zealand. Tune in […]

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AI and Commercial Music

Del Bigtree recently devoted a segment on his popular program, The Highwire, on the advent of AI in commercial music. Del created a theme song for The Highwire on one of many AI creation websites, the one he chose is See this segment here. So, what do you think? Pretty impressive, huh? I […]

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