June 20, 2024

Bird Flu Update: signposts of the coming rollout

Two days ago we published my latest bird flu article, “How (and why) Bird Flu is About to Enter the “Mass Testing” Phase”. Less than 12 hours later Salon published a 3000-word article about bird flu, which dedicates about 2000 of those words to “experts” talking about how we’re not testing enough [emphasis added]: …experts …... Continue reading

Peace, peace, when there is no peace - The Grayzone live

Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal discuss new mainstream coverage of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia back in 2023 amid Zelensky’s bogus peace summit, Russian retaliation against US arming of Ukraine, new threats by Netanyahu against a cowering Biden administration, and Israel’s continuing onslaught against Gaza. …... Continue reading

Israel Spokesman: Defeating Hamas 'Unachievable.' Bibi: 'Send More Bombs!'

As the Israeli operation in Gaza continues to miss achieving its goals of eliminating Hamas, in-fighting inside the government is heating up. Recently an IDF spokesman said it was "unachievable" to defeat Hamas, as the IDF rushed to "clarify" his statement. Meanwhile Netanyahu BLASTED the US in a new video complaining that weapons were being... Continue reading

A Conversation with Darryl Ingram — South West Devon Parliamentary Candidate, Heritage Party

Good people are standing up to challenge the Conservative-Labour political monopoly of UK politics. Darryl Ingram is one of those brave people and he’s proud to stand under the Heritage Party banner. Read the write-up at: https://www.ukcolumn.org/video/a-conversation-with-darryl-ingram-south-west-devon-parliamentary-candidate-heritage-party... Continue reading

Gaza today: Scorching heat, visible signs of wasting and heavy fighting

Desperate shortages of essentials in Gaza have left the enclave’s most vulnerable individuals struggling to carry on amid stifling heat, heavy fighting, disease spread and a breakdown in law and order, UN humanitarians warned on Thursday.... Continue reading

James Corbett Predicts the CBDC Rollout on Reality Check Radio

TRANSCRIPT AND COMMENTS: https://corbettreport.com/the-cbdc-rollout/ via realitycheck.radio: "Independent journalist James Corbett from The Corbett Report joins us to discuss CBDCs, Digital IDs, and more. You won’t want to miss this one!" ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SHOW NOTES WITH LINKS TO ALL OF THE ARTICLES, VIDEOS AND WEBSITES MENTIONED? HOW ABOUT... Continue reading