In this era of chemical drugs many people are getting reacquainted with the plant kingdom, which is the original medicine cabinet. It has been claimed that chemical drugs are mostly petrochemical based and do not cure illness, but instead mask symptoms. Of course, we know antibiotics work, but they too are known to create serious side effects. The name “antibiotic” alone should give pause as it literally means “against life”. Going to the vet these days is looking more and more like a visit to a human hospital – with bills to match. In this episode we delve into herbal remedies for our beloved pets. We also discuss food and water for our animal family members. After all is said and done our pets require four basic things from us. And while we could find other things to add to this list the basics are, food, water, medical care and love. In this episode we focus on beneficial options that cover food, water and herbal remedies. To do the best we can do in these areas can drastically improve the time we have with our beloved animals.

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