Is social engineering real and has it been used for decades to manipulate society? Is AI currently manipulating massive numbers of people world-wide? Is there an active population reduction plan in progress world-wide? Is sickness, a sense of unwellness and death at an all-time high world-wide? Is it possible to manipulate the human mind with tech broadcast through the air? Has there been a massive loss of freedom in the world since 911? Are false flag events common practice by world powers? Does mainstream news lie every single day to push an agenda for loss of freedom in support of a world take over? Does the mainstream news seek to manipulate your mind into thinking poorly of your own species in order to sow hatred and division? Is AI among the biggest dangers to freedom and humanity? Are there organizations above world governments seeking control of world populations? Is it possible that powerful organizations who implement social engineering have access to the most powerful AI? Is it possible to gain control of your own mind in order to fend off or reduce social engineering and AI manipulation?

Answer to the questions above: Yes

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