Words fail in their ability to describe the beauty and power of crystals and gemstones. I accept that crystals were the first life-forms in our realm. I accept that crystals represent the most stationary form of life in our realm. Though we have been told that crystals (I will use this term for all gems as well) can be synthetically produced, this is actually not true. In almost all cases a seed crystal is used which serves as a crystal growing map that is required for the synthetic process seeking to mimic nature. The seed crystal is only available via Nature, which is true of all crystals that embody all of the organic properties inherent in crystals, to include both physical and metaphysical traits. In short, synthetic crystals look the part but they lack the high-vibrational life energy found only in Nature. There was a time when I did not accept the claims of healing energies in crystals, not to mention what I considered to be other “new agey” claims. Since that time things have changed for me due to direct experience and observation. I have put crystal energy to good use in my home as I have grown beyond believing, or not believing in things, based on simply choosing to do so. I was experiencing what I can only describe as annoying frequencies in my home. I had a near constant ring/buzz/pulsing in my ears, along with a feeling of low energy. Having grown in my knowledge of cymatics, I set out to reprint my home with positive energies and frequencies. In short, I succeeded, and no longer suffer from the issues I described above. I did this with strict rules and controls of Wi-Fi, positive music frequencies, orgone devices and crystals. While I do not have room to thoroughly describe how I improved my living space, I will mention that ALL of my devices in my home are hard-wired, and I have one Wi-Fi “hot spot” with a single kill switch, and it does not run all the time. I have collected many crystals and embedded my intent into them and placed them all through my home along with orgone devices. I have many copper orgone devices (electro-culture too) in my yard for growing plants and to create a positive energy envelope all the way around my house. Crystals are key to the plan I implemented at my home, and I recommend everyone have a basic knowledge of crystals. Truly, they are a gift of this creation that provides everything we need to live – doing so freely. And that too is key.

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