BougeRV was founded by a group of outdoor mobile adventurers.
Bouge comes from the French verb bouger which means to move.
Freedom of movement embodies the outdoor spirit of BougeRV.

We empower RVers and off-grid adventurers to live with the outdoor freedom they crave. BougeRV is also committed to creating a sustainable future through green energy. We are dedicated to being the ultimate one-stop solution for all of your mobile solar energy needs, giving you the freedom to go off the grid in comfort and style. BougeRV also offers solar solutions for your home to help when there is an emergency and your lights go out.

 Our solar panels, portable refrigerators, power stations, and related accessories and components provide long-lasting power, enabling you to extend your trips for longer and in greater comfort than ever before. For a cross-country road trip, a weekend camping, or more, BougeRV helps you MAKE THE JOURNEY!