There are a lot of things that are about to change in our world. I will make the case as to why this “could be” be a good thing. Currently many of the systems and “facts” that we accept about our world are upside down and backwards. This is by design and exists as a social engineering foundation. As an example, let’s look at how we think about the most basic event in the life of a family. That being a birth. Have you ever witnessed a gender reveal where pink and blue inform us whether a boy or a girl is expected? I am here to tell you this taught thinking is backwards and designed to separate our minds from Nature – where the only truth that exists is proven. In fact, Red is masculine and blue is feminine, as is proven by Nature. When we add white to a color to get baby blue or pink (white + red) we are adding purity to the primary color, so to speak, which fits perfectly for representing an innocent baby (Adding black to color goes the other way). To be clear, a quick run-down of accurate gender symbolism is as follows. For women the side is left, polarity is negative, the color is blue and the symbol is that of Venus. For men the side is right, polarity is positive, the color is red and the symbol is that of Mars. Isn’t it interesting that architects seem to still recall how to properly layout restrooms in buildings? Typically (not always) the lady’s room is on the left! So, does any of this matter? Beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt, it surely does! One of the first steps of social engineering is to separate human minds from nature, where truth is found. This is partly why the church created the derogatory term “pagan” which actually means someone who is living close to nature – or truth. This is also why (partly) we have a Gregorian calendar (and why before that Caesar jacked up the calendar), as it is detached from Nature thereby separating our lives (at a very basic and critical level) from what was once rightly referred to as “the acceptable year of the Lord”. This is a huge deal and it ensures that we cycle-tune our lives artificially. When we look at our clocks and say it is noon, it is not. The only “true” noon is when the sun is at the apex for that day and geography. And yet, the current system marks an artificial noon for a man in one location, and also for another approximately one thousand miles away. For these two men sunrise does not occur at the same time, nor does noon… in reality. The ideas I have tried to illustrate here are important beyond my ability to describe them. It is the difference between truth and delusion. Living in delusion separates our very being from truth, and this magnificent Creation provides everything needed to support the gift of the Divine Spark of Life. How important is the truth that is founded and proven by Nature? Let me put it this way – A life lived based in truth is a life far less likely to fall for fake moon landings, manufactured pandemics and fear-porn. A mind that constantly believes in lies and falsehood, will believe nearly anything, and that is a power coveted by those who wish to control the world. With the coming change comes an opportunity to re-establish systems based on the truths proven in Nature. The new era is upon us and can be based in fallacy or based in reality, it is up to us to decide. For my part, I am beyond exhausted with era of deception and the constant lies spewed from authority.

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