In this episode we set out to cover medical and health Ideas. We left that plan behind in the opening minutes and launched into a conversation about everything from musicians to fame to the deceptive illusion that is the modern public-facing world. It seems a safe thing to say that very few aware minds are at ease in the modern world. There is a growing darkness and uncertainty that has become palpable for those of us who pay attention. One of the ideas we talk about asks, who is to blame for the state of our failing world? And while this is not an easy question to answer, it is very clear that if the majority of “us” held and protected a strong upright moral compass, much of what we see going on, simply could not exist. Unfortunately, 1960s social engineering coupled with alchemy, quickly decimated moral values, and the family unit in the west. But then there is the question of how we arrived at our current predicament. For my money our past guest Michael Hoffman has best described how society has been alchemically initiated and degraded for generations in preparation for what we see coming to pass now. With this in mind it seems probable that the powers that be likely had a statistical probability of success for social engineering in the 90 percentiles, beforehand. If this is true, how can blame be placed against a statistical certainty? Of course, the puppet masters, whoever they may be, will never be blameless, but to be honest, what difference does blame make in a world that is in fact changing at an astonishing speed, with zero chance that what we used to call normal will ever return? In fact, blame no longer matters, per se, but it does frame a conversation that seeks to comprehend how things have happened, and how we can improve as we move forward and are again set against staggering odds. There is a reason morality and the family unit were targeted by the social engineers of the 60s, and I will suggest that these lost traditions and virtues must be reclaimed and defended, along with God given rights. After all is said and done, it is rights that are under attack, and if they are not defended, they will be lost. The world we see emerging could not exist if rights were defended and respected. Someday, as is true of all cycles of time, this digital era of deception will come to an end. And, what we lose or gain as a species is up to us. After all, everyone knows that the corporations who are unleashing rights obliterating AI systems, have no intention of respecting rights, as was proven in the year 2000, when all privacy was lost to corporations gone wild. This was the beginning of the collection of data everywhere, old rules of privacy and respect, be damned. The data is now used to train AI, which is the rights obliterating corporate police force currently running, unadmittedly, the Internet, and all social systems that provide for modern life. The rise of technology at the cost of human rights is at hand.

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