When does life begin? We have covered this reality a number of times to point out that life begins at the zygote. Recently legislation was passed in South Korea that attempts to do away with cultural traditions of counting and recognizing the 9 months of life before birth. They are one of a few countries that still mark a newborn baby as being 1 year old at birth. Why would a government care about such traditions? In this episode we cover why it matters and why it is important. Our guest sent out some certified letters right before the Korean “news” “story” broke world-wide. We quickly made contact to ask our guest if there is any relationship between the letters he sent and the so-called news that reported the legislative effort to do away with cultural recognition of roughly 9 months of life. Ironically the so-called news also stated that the “international standard” is to recognize that life begins at the port of entry, called birth. In this era of open spiritual warfare, the topic at hand arrives at the root of societal controls and the systems that bind most of us. And though these systems have been well proven, and the document trail meticulously tracked and shown, little to nothing has changed at the societal level. It should be stated that many individuals have taken steps to remove their lives from such systems. Also, it is interesting to consider current world changing events underway, as they may relate. Are these changes taking place due to the fact that the old control systems are no longer secret and outdated? After all is said and done, few agree on the purpose of the now visible world-wide lawless shifts. But most agree that it is about control. It all boils down to some very simple ideas. Does a living man or woman have the right to exercise freewill? If so, is this right God given? Well-known words like “all men are created equal” and “the pursuit of happiness” used to imply freedom in the minds of many. In the modern era not so much due to the fact that governments and powerful corporations seem to do anything they please, and often at the expense of freedom and happiness of those considered “governed”. What is increasingly clear is that in this new age, all rights, God given or otherwise, will either be defended by the common man or woman, or surrendered and lost to tyranny pursuing one world control of everyone, everywhere. This can be easily seen now due to programmable money, and social ratings scores, coming to a fenceless prison near you – soon. Book burning will follow in due course.

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