We are all Beneficiaries of this Creation, and one of the primary benefits is free access to the Plant Kingdom. Comprehending and claiming our God given rights is critical, and it is also a target for those who seek to control and to diminish rights all over this world. After all, those who have no concept of God given rights, have not claimed said rights, and as a result have traded the unrealized rights for lesser privileges (often called rights) that are designed to control all aspects of life, to include thought. That last assertion being demonstrated in the word “government”, as govern means to control and ment means mind. Nonetheless, each day we remain surrounded by the Plant Kingdom which freely provides much of what we need to live, as well as providing proof that we are, in fact, beneficiaries of this creation. It is said that once upon a time an apprentice asked his teacher how we should live our lives. The teacher replied that one need not look beyond the Plant Kingdom, as plants show us exactly how to best live our lives. At first consideration this short tale is interesting. But for those who take time to truly contemplate the plant kingdom, and how our Creation actually works, there is a lot to learn. Much of modern life ignores, bends, or even breaks what nature allows for. But Natural Law is just that and no plant in this world lives outside the Laws of Nature. We do so at our own peril, and therefore, can benefit greatly from what the Plant Kingdom has to offer, beyond food, health, sunlight conversion, building materials, habitats, cloth, fuel, beauty, purification, recycling, medicine and the air that is freely provided to us – as beneficiaries of this Creation. It is a good day to comprehend and claim your God given rights… and take some time to smell the roses, as that scent is said to derive from a higher plane of existence.

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