In the book Dune (1965) we are introduced to the concept of the Butlerian Jihad which was a universal war fought to deal with thinking machines. But, how did the author know, all those years ago? There were so many who knew, and all of them publishing music, books and movies that pre-echo the reality we now face as a result of pre-planned events, fear and media initiation. Who are they, you ask? You know as well as I do… Huxley, Orwell, Herbert, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Supertramp, Macy’s, Zemeckis, government, news, (too many to list), and an endless parade of films from Hollywood, all aware of the coming dystopian police state (and the major pre-planned events as shown in Back to the Future), powered by technology and AI. Many of these messengers show the rise of China (communism) as American (democracy) falls into ruin. But there are many recurring themes in entertainment that then manifest in reality. There must be some grand game plan, right? Of course, there is. It is the only possible explanation for the commonality of the messages being written, published, recorded and filmed, over, and over again. And let’s not forget the mandatory (initiating) reading list for schools in America. There is “Animal Farm”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “Brave New World”, “Lord of the Flies”, and, of course, the title that came to represent the ignoble era we now face, “1984”. The band Van Halen made an effort to title their 1/9/84 album 1984, a nod to the book and the year, as if it is something worth celebrating. Though the year 1984 seems to be nothing more than the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Fabian Society in January of 1884, exactly 100 years prior. It seems timing is everything for those who participate in the world domination game plan – Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo. In this episode we zero in on transhumanism, which is only one small piece of a pre-planned dystopian, technology enforced, police state, that most of us now easily detect. But to be fair the gameplay was quite hidden up to the ninth month of the first year of the new millennium, which was 2001, not 2000, as most were led to believe. Simple math being the veil used to hide the era shift and timing of a world changing event. Following this day much of the gameplay for world domination has been out in the open for those who can still recognize abnormality. It still remains to be seen if the villains in this game succeed at controlling the world. For those of us with eyes that still work it is very clear that fear has been a main tool of those who strategize gameplay for world domination. Maybe we can use this as a metric to predict their chances of success. Maybe we could simply count those who still wear masks as an attempt to calculate the numbers of people who will not be helping society as unacceptable tactics continue to push the world toward technology-imposed slavery and darkness.

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