We have lost track of the cycles called ages, but there are those in this world who have not. And for those few who know they have the distinct advantage of comprehending what is likely based on previous cycles. In the same way we comprehend what seasons mean in the course of a year, we know that summer is much easier than winter, for most of us. Akin to this is the 24,000 (?) year cycle of seasons (ages) that will bring known changes, both descending and ascending. To be deprived of this information is to be deprived of world history, where we exist and much more. I have come to accept that we are firmly in the age of energy. That energy being the only force in this world called electricity. If we look around it is not hard to see that soon every facet of life will be powered by electricity. If this is correct the promise of this ascending era is that we will once again discover the 5 subtle electric forces. It is said that these subtle energies are proven in nature through our senses which represent an aspect of each of the 5 subtle energies. I also currently accept that we are hundreds of years away from the so-called age of Aquarius. But in my view zodiacal knowledge has been so shuffled and intentionally mixed up it will take time to unravel – again. If we are in fact firmly in the so-called Dwapara Yuga, the promise of ascending consciousness and abilities will culminate in a golden age which seems to be reflected in past architecture we can see that was clearly created by a higher technology closely in-tune with nature. It is said we have left the ascending dark age and are now on a course to regain 50% of our virtue back, and on track for 100% in the coming golden age. I suspect we would say consciousness instead of virtue in the west. With all this said, are we seeing powerful corporations endeavoring to retard the cyclical ascension of the age so that they can control the world? Are they guided by those who know full well what age we are in and what that means? Regardless of what is true, my money is on the Creator and the natural cycles of time that seem to exist so that we can learn and spiritually grow. Is it possible that what we see in the world today has happened many times before? Is it possible that the true history of this world is hidden in the knowledge of rising and falling cycles that reach endlessly back far beyond our current reckoning? There are mind-blowing temples and stone work all over this world that suggest golden ages are true and completely tied to the truth found only in Nature.

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