The 1960s changed our world in ways that could never be quantified. In many ways the decade ensured that how we lived in the past would not be how we lived in the following decades. Clearly what happened back then paved the way for what is happening now, though very few will make that connection. Of the things we lost to social engineering in the 60s there are two that pave the way in our current situation. Those losses being the family unit (and moral values that went with it) and sobriety. The far-reaching effects of entertainment should never again be forgotten as it shapes what we call culture and what is considered normal. But alas, true culture is the elders of a society handing down things that are important. Things that need to be known by the next generation, and that includes what they’ve learned in their lifetime and what their parents handed down. We are far from such things now and all the weaker for it. Who would have thought that the music on the radio would have such power to control and change a world? But in the end, it did, and still does. The world that closes in around us now proves the point, and it was built (partially) on music, TV and movies, which all had and have the power to shift what is considered acceptable or normal. It has been said that where American culture goes, so goes the world. Unfortunately, we now know that American culture is easily steered via a catchy tune or a blockbuster movie. Need we even mention the vilest villain of all? If the answer is yes then the word is news. N-orth, E-ast, W-est, S-outh – pulling your mind in all directions to nowhere, and driven by falsehood and agenda. As an entertainment-based example, the movie “Footloose” was telling the truth, but it too pulled a double reverse by convincing the audience that the lesson that should have been learned was actually the enemy of freedom. And while music is said to soothe the savage beast, the beast can also be embedded in the music. And at the base of it all we find freewill. It was granted to us all by the Creator, and will likely be the most important teacher in life. After all, we freely chose the road that led us to where we are now – while our favorite song played on the radio, as we headed to the movies, or home to watch news.

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