A number of things happen when a new life comes into our world, if the parents choose to follow a “typical” mainstream hospital “delivery”. Documents are created that will have a bearing for the entirety of the newborn life span. There are also a number of medical procedures and measurement data that is recorded. This process has been well researched to include the document trail and its effect on the related life. In our era comprehension of this process has grown, which in turn opens up many alternative options for new parents. Knowing when life begins is a crucial component for all decision making by the parents. Life does not begin at birth. Life begins at the zygote, which is roughly 9 months before the processes that occur when a new life travels through the birth canal in a hospital. Knowing when life begins and the processes that occur at birth should be common knowledge, but they are not, and this creates the opportunity for legal fictions. They are created in order to “control” living beings from cradle to grave. This is done through the creation of a fictitious identity that is derived from the document creation process of a mainstream hospital birth. This fiction is then implicated in your interactions with modern systems and services. It is a control mechanism which also usurps God given rights through your unknowing actions. The legal fiction will be implicated in every offer or service you accept. All the while fooling you into agreeing to be responsible for the fiction… over and over during a lifetime. There are few (if any) offers or services these days where this is not true. It may also be true that so many minds have become aware of this ruse that what we see in the world now is new control systems being built to replace control of society via legal fictions – created at birth. One might ask how we ever became so sleepy-minded as to have let this begin in the first place. One might also ask what can be done? As it turns out much can be done and there is more than one way to address this issue. What follows in this episode is one man’s discoveries and his approach of dealing with rights usurping legal fictions.

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