In this episode we cover many so-called occulted, or hidden, meanings and ideas. Our guest considers connections via the idea of electrochemistry. As an example, do the words Mercury, Jesus and Equus have any connection or relationship? Is there a different way to consider rational and irrational numbers? We consider sacred geometry and talk about the vesica Pisces as well as the seed and flower of life. All of this relates to alchemical thinking which is focused using a philosophical approach. This way of thinking about things is far from the linear thinking pushed in most schools. In hour two the lunar calendar is front and center. Our guest is working on an app that applies this important method of tracking time. After all, a month is best tracked via the moon (moonth) even in our era of purely sun-based calendars. Calendars are endlessly fascinating and as it turns out a foundational way to control civilizations, present and past. There are few countries left in our world that use observation as a basis for calendrical concerns. In other words, the Skyclock is mostly ignored as we track time now, and it has been replaced by calculations and civil control mechanisms. In fact, sunrise occurs when the sun comes up and noon is at the apex of the sun in the course of a day. And yet, we rely on man-made approximations that count noon independent of where the sun is. If there is no lie in nature then what does that tell us about calculations used to replace natural reality?

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