As of yesterday, the days will once again grow longer as darkness diminishes, having passed the Winter Solstice (low point of the sun) on December 21st. It is time that we in this Creation begin to rebuild our knowledge of cycles and seasons, which requires that we comprehend the Skyclock and its relationship to our bodies and our lives. Much effort has been spent to ensure that we remain lost in cycles, in an unknowing existence, meant to separate us from our birthright. The calendar has been changed. The months have been changed. The zodiac has been changed. The constellations and their boundaries have been changed. And each year at the equinoxes man-made clocks are changed, to ensure we remain detached from, and lost in, cycles beyond our comprehension. As an example, only the moon determines a month (moonth), and yet this critical cycle is ignored, in our inverted and fearful time. The moon is also closely tied to the reproductive cycles of women, who ensure life will continue in this Creation. There are many cycles currently lost to us. From luminary cycles, to eclipse cycles, to the end of so-called ages, all forgotten, by the many. And while there are those in this realm who do comprehend cycles, it is time for the many to regain this critically important knowing. When we see “events” in this realm, they are tied to time of year (seasons cycle) and many other longer cycles which bring different energies and possibilities into this realm. And as we experience these “events”, we remain blind to the how and why, which has been leveraged by those who comprehend. The Skyclock cycles are key on our path of finding a state of higher humanity. And yet, we remain in a state of unknowing fear driven by those bent on control and inversion in a realm that could be paradise. On this Holy-Day I would sincerely like to wish every living being in the realm a happy, healthy and higher-minded new era. For surely, change is upon us, and surely, we can all reach for higher-humanity based on compassion, respect for all life and appreciation of this Creation (and its cycles) – which provides all we have ever needed. Surely it is time we end this fearful and manufactured inversion of reality and regain our connection to this realm via cycles of the Skyclock – the fingerprints of this Creation, of which we are all beneficiaries by birth. Truly, there is no lie in Nature, which is, and remains the measure of all things in this Creation.

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