Our guest once again informs us that there is a perfectly good legal system in place – if you know how to use it. He also offers folks a way to get up to speed with the basics, if they so desire. For those of you who do not want to reclassify or change status, this episode is for you. If you are interested in living as you have in this country, then knowing what your rights are and how to defend them is important. For starters we cover the basic lay of the land, legally speaking. In our era very few of us recognize the rights we were granted at our creation. Even fewer have an idea of what systems are in place to defend those rights. Of those who have taken our guests course I have heard only positive reports and most say they have a new-found confidence in how to proceed in the legal arena. It is a wonder that such things are not taught in school. Clearly defending and comprehending your rights is no longer high on the American education list. Most of us were taught that legal problems mean hiring a lawyer, though the fact that few can afford such things is mostly ignored. But then again, let’s not get started on lawyers as that can of worms could be a show topic on its own.

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