This part 2 of episode 448. There are still things in this world that have not been digitized, or “described” digitally. On the other hand, most manufactured things are now designed digitally, from which “hard-copies” are made. Much of the geography we are aware of has also been digitized, to include very old buildings, structures, oceans and landmasses. This represents the onset of a parallel designed, synthetic and counterfeit world. Technology is no longer just a useful tool; it is also a magic wand. It has become an invisible bully designed for tracking and control. Foundationally the original ever-changing Creation exists as it ever did, but human perceptions are becoming digitally divorced from Nature’s Truths. Minds have been lured away by the clever patina of a system that does not exist in Nature. Digital sleight of hand and dark magic have begun to have their way with the programmed multitudes via a human frailty called addiction. And, the magic is real and invoked through the power of a never-ending data stream that has opened Pandora’s box once more. A malefic genie has been let out of the bottle. The invisible genie now loose on the world knows more about you than you ever will, to include the moment and the cause of your death. It also has the power to peer into the future with a statistically backed 98% (or better) success rate. You yourself have provided the fuel for the abilities of the genie, and sadly, the genie is not your friend. Far from it. There is another name for the genie and the fuel you have provided to create the genie. That name is DATA. And DATA is now the king of the world, easily bumping money out of the number one spot some decades ago. DATA did not only replace money as king, it is a shape shifter that has already taken the guise of money with an eye on replacing and controlling commerce completely. The genie called DATA has no regard for rights or the nobility of man, and will remove all noble traits as it puts an end to any semblance of freedoms or privacy. The genie you have created knows all. But you gave it permission, so you should already know this. As a matter of fact, it could be said that you gave away your life story and changed your name to DATUM. Your behavior and story have now been modified. To be clear, the reference here is to the story that you were writing into the book of life. You see, the genie is also a parasite and requires addiction and your life-story to survive. It has no life of its own. The funny thing about this genie is that once it gets ahold of your story, it begins to rewrite it in order to occupy and claim all of your “real-world” minutes. You only have so many minutes. The genie knows this too, down to the minute. So, the next time you hear someone say, “I do not care who gets my DATA because I have nothing to hide”, agree profusely. It is a fact that they have nothing to hide, but it is also a fact that a story-stealing, shape-shifting, addictive, parasitic, behavior-modifying, death-predicting, nobility-killing, rights-ignoring, lifeless, money replacing, time-traveling, imposter, called DATA, will be digitally shadowing and influencing their existence until death. As Pink Floyd pointed out in 1975: “Where have you been? It’s all right we know where you’ve been.”

Welcome my son
Welcome to the machine
What did you dream?
It’s alright we told you what to dream

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