It has been said that dis-ease is the outcome of a spiritual reality that has already taken place. A number of books written in the late 1800s, into the early 1900s, are the source of such claims. It should also be noted that the claims I am referring to are made by those who also claim clairvoyance and a highly elevated spiritual state. In this episode we discuss such ideas and relate them to our time. It is interesting to consider such ideas because if they are correct, it would mean we are currently operating 180 degrees off the correct direction. In many ways it feels like the current era has become a tug-a-war between spiritual ideas and governance ideas. It also feels like spiritual ideas are no longer welcome, in many respects. It is currently critical to comprehend and claim the freewill each of us has been granted, and equally crucial to be able to detect offers. Freewill is of little benefit if it goes unrecognized in the face of tactical offers. It is with clear conscience that I wish you all a happy, healthy and higher-minded new era.

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