The most powerful thing in this world is a story. A story cannot be removed from our minds. A story cannot be destroyed. The only way to change the effect of a story is to modify it, tell a better story, or wait until the story is forgotten. The world is built on stories and those stories are usually written by the victor, which, at best, is half of the story. At worst, a total fabrication. What we accept as our past, we call “History”. Even the word itself informs us we are dealing with a story, and that it is likely written by a masculine pen. I have yet to encounter “Her Story”, but I am certain it is equally as powerful when accepted by the human mind. In this episode we catch up with Wooden Nickels and Aewar. They have re-thought the direction they were headed, due to research, diligence and the ability to throw out what used to be acceptable, based on new ideas and research. Aewar is the man who released the wildly popular YT clip called “The Lost History of Flat Earth”. The ideas in this work were then self-challenged and re-thought launching our guests on a vastly new trajectory. For some this new direction has been hard to accept, but one should applaud the intention to truly discover things that hold up to scrutiny. After all, much of what we know is wrong and many are working to re-discover our true past, as censorship seeks to dictate what is true. In light of the realities online old books are, once again, beginning to show their value as information not easily edited to fit an enforced reality of belief. Truly, this era will stand as a record of human will, as the past eras are questioned and challenged by those who perceive the ring of truth has been temporarily lost. Only the passage of time will offer an outcome and prove for all time the spirit of this age. For better or for worse.

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