Oracle: Hey Neo, are you the One? Neo: I’m not sure. Oracle: I guess you are not the One then, and it looks like you are waiting for something. Sign over the doorway: Know Thyself.

We have all been granted rights. They come to exist when we are created at the zygote, as a gift from the Creator. Over time many of us have forgotten this truth resulting in the erosion of rights and human decency to current levels. How can anyone demand or protect what they do not know they possess? For that matter, how is it possible to forget such a gift? The answer to that is; TV and movies and media are effective programming tools, and statistically proven to be effective. This brings us to the main point. Should a living man or woman view rights as legal ideas or as spiritual reality? Only the individual can decide because Free Will is also one of the rights granted by the Creator, to each of us. Free Will is the biggest problem for those who wish to dominate other lives in this realm. When all is said and done, each of us will determine how to consider their own rights, or if they are worth remembering. Modern media will weigh in non-stop, in case you are on the fence or sleepy. You see, men and women tend to learn by example, and there is now a screen in every home and pocket “offering” examples of how we should think and act. And therein lies the key, which is “offers”. Everything is an offer, because of Free Will. Our current problem is that most of us do not recognize the offer anymore, or the reason the offer is made, which is because of Free Will. But there is a solution which was presented in the opening ideas of this description. If you recall it is presented over a doorway. Know Thyself. But how many of us are ready to accept the individual responsibilities that come with Free Will, and rights granted by the Creator? Currently most of us consider rights a legal matter. In the beginning these were not legal ideas, nor are they now… if you Know Thyself.

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