Nature is inherent within the Creation. And therefore, Natural Law is inherent within reality. Natural Law is universal, not man-made, binding and eternal. One can observe that the only true law is Natural Law, and all other ideas of law are synthetic constructs requiring constant human effort and maintenance to prevent breakdown. Conversely, Natural Law (Nature) proceeds free of human intervention, never requiring new batteries or a new tank of gas or other fallen unsustainable constructs. Consider the observable proof in the starting of an automobile. While principles of natural law come into play, corruption quickly spews from the tailpipe showing the realities of constructed systems that ignore the eternal laws of nature. Truly there is little difference in the courts and laws of men that also ignore the immutable (but often violated) rights granted to each of us at creation. And as the tailpipe spews corruption, so too the laws of men ignore and corrupt that which has been granted to us from on high – the Divine Spark, Freewill, and we as beneficiaries of the Creation. Is this not the tale of the fall from the Garden of Eden? Is this not the cleaving of lifetimes from Natural Law, imposed by force, from birth to death? There is no lie in Nature which sustainably rolls on free of fiction. And yet the systems of men create and impose fictions which are corrupted pretexts, employed to counterfeit and subjugate the birthrights inherent in each of us. To be clear, I am not my name, and yet this legal construct will seek to subjugate my rights for the whole of my life, as I work to deflect the imposition by claiming (retaining) my God given rights. These rights were granted to me roughly 9 months before birth and before the imposition of “the name” that was quickly conjured into a legal fiction, meant to impose life-long control. And yet, Natural Law is eternal.

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